Touch the Customer

A customer touch is advertising, mailed literature, Internet newsletter, a sales visit or a simple phone call to a customer by your company. In a recent survey, 45% of all companies under $50M in annual sales do NOTHING to regularly touch their customers. The sales strategy of all these companies, and maybe yours, is that because you are getting orders from a customer, there is no need to communicate to them beyond the course of regular business.

If you get one order a year from a customer, then you are only communicating with him at best once per year!

Light BulbIDEA: The easiest source of increased sales is from your existing customers. You should develop a system to touch your customers more often than he touches you. A small effort to remind your customers of what you do may have a big impact on your sales opportunities.

Once of the least expensive means of advertising to existing clients is through the Internet.

Consider this plan:

  • Examine and improve (if necessary) your company mail list
  • Create list of customer email addresses
  • Generate a quarterly email mailing containing you company’s successful product and services
  • Make it a regular event and don’t give up.

There are a number of Internet based services that will store your addresses and send the email. Many have great statistics that allows you to evaluate the response to your efforts.

Close More Sales with Product Demo Video!

The Apple iPad is a fantastic and affordable tool to help your sales team close more sales.

Automation Pilot produces concise 2 to 5 minute audio/video presentations which illustrate the key features, advantages and benefits of your strategic products.

Hand your prospect or customer the Apple iPad, press play and they instantly become engaged!

Using Apple iPad product demo videos as a sales aid, quick and effective presentations are made with minimal sales force training.  The videos are packaged with electronic versions of the product literature, price lists and technical specifications, providing a complete product information source at the fingertips of your sales rep and customer.

Automation Pilot - iPad with Product Demo

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