What We Do

We grow Sales

Automation Pilot is am industrial sales and marketing coaching organization. We create enthusiam within your organization that increases customer and prospect hunting.

We Create Programs to grow:

  • Strategy for Target Accounts and Prospects
  • Prospect Hunting
  • Sales Staff Quality Imrprovement
  • Advertising and Promotion Campaigns
  • Product Launch
  • Internet Customer Touches

We Create Video Sales Tools

  • Design Video Story Board
  • Video and Photography
  • Narration and Scripts
  • Compose and Edit
  • Publish

Need Some Ideas?

Today's sales and marketing environment is in a constant state of flux. You need to keep finding new and innovative approaches to managing your sales channel as well as your sales force. We've put together a set of helpful and informative "Ideas" that can help you identify areas for improvement and then develop some creative responses to the challenges you are facing in your organization. Click the links below to get some insights and solutions.

After checking them out, if we can be of assistance in helping implement some new approaches to gaining more customers and closing more sales, give us a call at (866) 701-9677.

Face Time
Touch the Customer
Forget how to Prospect?
Salesman's Half Life
How Does Your Sales Staff Look?

Automation Pilot - iPad with Product Demo

Automation Pilot Specializes in the Industrial Automation Industry