Salesman’s Half-Life

Every member of your outside sales staff has a half-life. The half-life is the number of years that an outside sales person is aggressive, growing sales and working hard on your behalf. Managers have realize that the amount of time is typically 4 to 8 years after hiring. Outside sales starts to run out of gas and contributions decrease.

The reasons for the slow down are similar to other employment challenges. Sales persons normally accept a sales position because of the company or its products. They become dissatisfied because of people; sales persons frequently have issues with co-workers such as inside sales, customers and sales management. If your company is a distributor, the dissatisfaction may be with a vendor.

Light BulbIDEA: Owners and sales managers should always be watchful of symptoms of the slow down. Sales growth numbers that taper, too much office time, excessive complaining and push-back on company issues or policies are little warning signs that trouble exists. A sales person, who is not happy or not motivated, cannot be aggressive and sell to new clients.

The Turnaround

  • Change territory
  • Change commission plan emphasizing growth with easy-to make goals
  • Promote to management
  • Development training
The goal is to re-motivate and get your super-star productive again.

Close More Sales with Product Demo Video!

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Using Apple iPad product demo videos as a sales aid, quick and effective presentations are made with minimal sales force training.  The videos are packaged with electronic versions of the product literature, price lists and technical specifications, providing a complete product information source at the fingertips of your sales rep and customer.

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