How Does Your Sales Staff Look?

Casual Friday has given to the casual week, and in some cases, the appearance of outside sales staff has degraded to unacceptable.

Today’s customer is younger and a member of a team. They work for a business and expect to purchase equipment or parts from another business. They want to do business and exchange information with a businessman. When making sales calls, outside sales should look the part!

Some suggestions:

  • The shirt should be a dress shirt, pressed and clean.
  • The pants should be pressed.
  • A sport coat or suit coat should be worn weather permitting
    Shoes should be business and shined… no sports shoes, no dock-siders.

Remember, some things just don’t change…

  • First Impressions (which include the visual) are important
  • The psychological impact of looking like a business man is significant
    If you are trying to change minds, look the part!

Close More Sales with Product Demo Video!

The Apple iPad is a fantastic and affordable tool to help your sales team close more sales.

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Using Apple iPad product demo videos as a sales aid, quick and effective presentations are made with minimal sales force training.  The videos are packaged with electronic versions of the product literature, price lists and technical specifications, providing a complete product information source at the fingertips of your sales rep and customer.

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