Boost Sales with iPad Video!

The Apple iPad makes a great tool for outside sales calling on customers. The iPad can quickly and easily conveys information about your products or services in manner that totally engages the customer's senses with full color video, sound and text overlays. The iPad literally makes your product literature come alive!

Sample Product Demo Video

Here are some key Features:

  • Amazing Video and Sound Capabilities
  • On Demand Internet Access
  • Send/Receive Email Instantly
  • Display Photos, Diagrams, Drawings
  • Easily Take Notes
  • Immediately Set Follow Up Actions Including Call Backs, Meetings, Proposals and more

This small, lightweight tool with its long battery life will become indispensable for your outside sales reps. WIFI or 3G/4G wireless allows your sales team to always stay connected when away from the office.

Sample Product Demo Video

Additional Apps can be downloaded to allow you to:

  • Track your customer, quotes and projects
  • View PDF converted literature and manuals
  • Product Presentations and Training
  • Prepare and Send Proposals, Follow-up Letters, Thank-you's, etc.
  • Setup Travel Plans, Check Flight Schedules, Make Hotel Reservations, Check Weather Forecasts and more!

Automation Pilot can help you get started using iPad as a sales tool with our Custom Video Production Service so you can play product presentations to your customers to close more sales!

6 Sales Performance Gains You Can Achieve Using iPad Videos!

The Apple iPad is revolutionizing the outside sales process. Here's how you can ride this wave to increased profits.

6 Sales Gains the iPad Can Provide:

  • Sales reps can rely on iPad videos to supplement technical knowledge and hands-on experience reducing sales rep training requirements.
  • Reduces the need for some joint sales calls, demo equipment and product samples because customers can see and hear the products and the experts behind them right on the iPad video!
  • Product literature, technical references and user manuals are quickly available as PDF files accessed from the iPad for immediate retrieval for share with the prospect or to email to them instantly, reducing literature printing and mailing costs.
  • Testimonials, case studies and videos of successful applications can be played on demand to improve your company's credibility.
  • Sales orders, quotations and proposals can be written, edited and emailed right on the iPad while on the road for quick response to customer requests and changes.
  • Appointments, contact info and sales data are stored and synced with remote computers for quick access on the fly making data quickly available and easy to maintain so it stays current.

"A picture says a thousand words…
a video says it all!"

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