Forget how to Prospect?

Every company I visit, and every owner I talk to has the same complaint...

"Why is it that my salesmen can no longer sell?"

"I am not growing cause the salesmen can’t get new orders?"

Here’s what has happened...

For many industrial businesses, the late 80’s and 90’s was an incredible time for growth. Whether you were servicing the auto industry, the food industry or energy, you and everybody else saw stunning growth. Returning a phone call to a customer or prospect got you half way to an order. Simply mentioning the words “lower price” got you an appointment at a company that easily became a new customer. Orders were rolling in like pennies from heaven.

Sales staffs working during this period never learned prospecting. They never knew a time like now, where you can make calls to 10 prospects and get no returned phone calls. Today, it's a buyers paradise. Although rarely admitted, the better sales person usually still wins. The customer-salesperson relationship is more important than ever.

Light BulbIDEA: If you think that your staff can no longer sell, maybe it is because they can’t or are afraid of good ol’ fashion prospecting. Looking for new business is mandatory.

Start a campaign of prospecting with the following techniques:

  • Selling new products to existing customers - the easiest way to get started
  • Finding new customers with existing products - more difficult but required.
  • Implement a system of product scripts so that the salesperson learns what to say to find new business
  • Record the results and improve the technique

Close More Sales with Product Demo Video!

The Apple iPad is a fantastic and affordable tool to help your sales team close more sales.

Automation Pilot produces concise 2 to 5 minute audio/video presentations which illustrate the key features, advantages and benefits of your strategic products.

Hand your prospect or customer the Apple iPad, press play and they instantly become engaged!

Using Apple iPad product demo videos as a sales aid, quick and effective presentations are made with minimal sales force training.  The videos are packaged with electronic versions of the product literature, price lists and technical specifications, providing a complete product information source at the fingertips of your sales rep and customer.

Automation Pilot - iPad with Product Demo

Automation Pilot Specializes in the Industrial Automation Industry