About Automation Pilot

Gary is an engineer by education and sales engineer by choice. He founded one of the first high-tech industrial distributors servicing and supporting industrial controls for plant floor use. Great Lakes Controls (GLC) was a start up venture to a regional distributor with 6 branches in 4 states. Sales grew to $20 million in 20 years.

He pioneered local marketing methods such as seminars and mass mailings to create demand for the products sold. GLC was one of the first to supply post sales support and service as well as customer product training.

The following is a brief list of product experience:

  • Programmable Controllers
  • Operator Interface
  • Motor Control
  • Machine Safety
  • Motion Control
  • Industrial Networking
  • Industrial Software
  • Variable Frequency Drives

Expertise comes from years of experience. Because Gary was one of the early leaders in high-tech industrial selling, his principles and ideas are valuable in helping your company grow.

The following are just a few disciplines that he is very good at:

  • Industrial Sales Process
  • Selling and Local Marketing
  • High-Tech Selling Requirements
  • Sales Strategy and Planning
  • Promotional Marketing

What can Video do for Your Sales?

Video has become a standard way to educate and learn. Online seminars, distance learning, Internet-based testing, demo DVD's and more all point to how video has transformed the way we gain new information.

  • Members of the new "computer generation" grew up with computers and for them, computer use is second nature.
  • Newer web sites prove the value of video content by including videos that "tells the story" via pictures and sound rather than in printed words.
  • As the workforce starts to include more and more of the members this "online" generation, you need to adapt your sales process to sell to them in ways that they prefer.
  • Printed sales materials and static line cards are certainly helpful, but they lack the effectiveness of video and sound that can fully connect with your prospects.
  • When an Apple iPad is in the hand of the customer watching a video, his audio and visual senses are consumed and the viewer's attention is fully engaged.
  • Delivering your product message via video in a short and concise method is a very effective way to shorten your sales cycle and increase sales.
Automation Pilot Specializes in the Industrial Automation Industry